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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Massa will drive for Ferrari in 2013

Felipe Massa has signed a new one-year contract to stay with Ferrari until the end of season 2013.

The news comes after a meeting with the President of Ferrari Luca di Montezemolo in Maranello today, with Mass to agree on a new deal to remain with the team for the eighth consecutive. Massa Ferrari future is uncertain after a poor start to the year, but the recent upturn in results, including second in the Japanese Grand Prix is ​​convinced that team to keep him.

Massa won 11 races with Ferrari so far, the last of those coming in the Brazilian Grand Prix in 2008, when he nearly won the championship. Serious accident in 2009 Hungaroring it off for the rest of the season, but he returned in 2010 to an incoming partner Fernando Alonso.

After the arrival of Alonso, Massa scored only six podiums in 54 races but the team was sufficiently impressed by his performance in the second half of this season to give him a new one-year contract, and he said he was "happy" to remain with the team.

"I welcome this agreement," said Massa. "Ferrari is my sport family and I are always driven in Formula One car engines built at Maranello: I can not behind the wheel of a car driven by other devices I want to thank President Montezemolo and Stefano Domenicali, who gave! Confident my and I always kept faith, even in the most difficult moments. teams and fans can rest assured that I will do my best to help Scuderia to achieve the goals that occur each year "

Massa will fight for 2013 Drivers Title.

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Come in
Posted by (October 16, 2012, 21:16 PM GMT)
Good for Ferrari because they can not find someone who is so easy just to be slower than his teammate ... Bad for Mass, because I think he can be champion if he gets the necessary support and Ferrari will never make it!

Posted by (October 16, 2012, 20:07 PM GMT)
no surprise, then espected, this is a boring game played by Ferrari as three seasons ago, after Ferrari's use of the table, they need a good "number two" driver Montezemolo also said .. Ferrari did not want two players in the top teams

Posted by (October 16, 2012, 19:43 PM GMT)
Ferrari and Felipe Bravo, let's finish this year and both championships and still willing 2013th Never give up, always been a good team player. Mark Tasmania, Australia

Posted by (October 16, 2012, 17:08 PM GMT)
I'm not a fan of Ferrari as Schumacher back. But this is crazy. Has anyone said that they want a third car once before? You might want to run third fiddle man - perhaps Karthikeyan - it! Nonsense!

Posted by (October 16, 2012, 16:48 PM GMT)
good for him, maybe it will calm your nerves and improve its competitive form 2008.

Posted by (October 16, 2012, 16:31 PM GMT)
Disasters. At the end ........

Posted by (October 16, 2012, 16:30 PM GMT)
wow talk like a number two driver! Not long ago, he talked about titles, he now speaks of "purpose", he simply assumed that Alonso's number one driver and never even try to beat it. downward trend may continue with this mentality. There are people who really are fans of these breeds? (Except in my own country, of course)

Posted by (October 16, 2012, 16:19 PM GMT)
What a huge mistake! Mass is

Posted by (October 16, 2012, 16:03 PM GMT)
Forza Table ... a master

Posted by (October 16, 2012, 14:50 PM GMT)
* Facepalm * ..... Why? Just ... Why?

Posted by (October 16, 2012, 14:46 PM GMT)
Felipe Reborn! He has the talent to win races and compete for podiuns, if they get a good car.

Posted by (October 16, 2012, 14:42 PM GMT)
I think it gives the Ferrari one more season to decide who will replace him, because it will happen next year, no doubt.

Posted by (October 16, 2012, 14:38 PM GMT)
Good to see you! I hope Massa still a good recovery, now that he is not under pressure

Posted by (October 16, 2012, 14:36 ​​PM GMT)
Yes .... good news ... Good weight and keep pushing ....

Posted by (October 16, 2012, 14:30 PM GMT)
Oh dear ... Ferrari can not be serious to win the constructors.

Posted by (October 16, 2012, 14:27 PM GMT)
Bad decision table ... He will always be no. 2 driver for Ferrari, he will always be conquered Ferrari ... He had to look elsewhere if he ever wanted to be a champion .... I was hoping that Ferrari will evict him, so he would have a better chance next year: (

Posted by (October 16, 2012, 14:18 PM GMT)
Good news! It should be all SLAPPP Mass-Haters. Ferrari seems to make more sense than they hate. Now he has a big role in the drivers and constructors championship this year. I hope that he can best support Alonso. Congratulations, MASSA!

Posted by (October 16, 2012, 14:09 PM GMT)
Would not it be Mass '8. season? He signed in 2006, finally ...

Posted by (October 16, 2012, 14:09 PM GMT)
Give Mass No.1 status, and he won the damn championship .. and without fussing too ..

Stefano Domenicali is confident Felipe Massa will repay the trust Ferrari has shown him after extending his contract.
Massa had an extremely poor start to the season, scoring just 11 points in the opening eight races of the year. However, a strong run of form has brought him 56 points over the last five races - including a second place in the Japanese Grand Prix - and Massa has even outscored his team-mate Fernando Alonso by 11 points in that time.
Off the back of that form, Massa has been handed anew one-year contract to remain as Alonso's team-mate. Domenicali said that Massa has displayed what he can do in a competitive car, and believes Massa will continue to deliver in 2013.
"We are pleased to have extended our relationship with Felipe for another year," Domenicali said. "He has been part of our family for over a decade and has shown, especially in the latter part of the season, to be competitive at the highest levels, as we expect every driver to be behind the wheel of a Ferrari.
"We have always supported Felipe, even in the most difficult moments of his career, and we are confident in his value, and that he will repay the trust that has been renewed."

give him a good car for 2013 and see him shine
Good choice get busy on those updates for the last 4're costing Alonso the WDC.
He will, Domenicali. But, would you? How would you repay the drivers' trust in Ferrari? Would you promise to deliver a promising car for 2013? That is a bigger questions for fans and sponsors.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Korean Grand Prix - Qualifying - Felipe Massa want to fight for podium.

Felipe Massa thinks Ferrari is closer to Red Bull at this weekend's Korean Grand Prix and is hoping he will be able to have a "straight fight" with the cars ahead of him in Sunday's race.
He qualified sixth on the grid, 0.6s off Mark Webber on pole, but reckons Ferrari's race pace will mean the car is more competitive on Sunday.
"I think the gap is smaller but they [Red Bull] are still at the front and have a very quick car which is quicker than our car in the qualifying," he said. "McLaren was also a bit quicker than us but I hope we can see a similar direction to the last race with our car getting a little bit quicker in the race and the possibilities get bigger to fight with these guys. Hopefully it could even be a straight fight. The qualifying was okay and I didn't do a perfect lap. Maybe with a perfect lap I would have been one or two positions higher, but I don't think it would have been much better than that."
It's only the sixth time he has been in the top ten this year and Massa his lack of one-lap pace had held him back this year.
"I had many races where I had a great pace but by starting further back I had more chance of contact with somebody. I think when you start in a better position it helps and I hope that it helps for tomorrow as well. I feel much better and more confident with the car and I'm driving it more automatically. In the race I've always had a good pace and I think that is really positive. I'm pushing hard to improve even more to get to the front."
Massa is starting one place ahead of Romain Grosjean who has come under intense media pressure after causing another first-lap accident in Japan. However, Massa is not concerned about what might happen at the start.
"He needs to worry, not me," he said. "He's been in a few problems at the start and he has suffered already a lot with that. He needs to be careful and understand how to do the starts. I hope he understands that and I will try to do the best with whatever driver I am beside. I hope he understood with all the problems, but he is a clever guy and a good driver and it's not a difficult thing to learn and understand."
Felipe Massa cree que Ferrari está más cerca de Red Bull en el Gran Premio de Corea este fin de semana y tiene la esperanza de que será capaz de tener una "lucha directa" con los coches de delante de él en la carrera del domingo.
Se clasificó sexto en la parrilla, 0,6 s apagado Mark Webber en la pole, pero calcula que el ritmo de Ferrari carrera significa que el coche es más competitivo el domingo.
"Creo que la diferencia es menor, pero ellos [Red Bull] aún se encuentran en la parte delantera y tiene un coche muy rápido, que es más rápida que el coche en la clasificación", dijo. "McLaren también fue un poco más rápido que nosotros, pero espero que podamos ver una dirección similar a la última carrera con el coche cada vez un poco más rápido en la carrera y las posibilidades se hacen más grandes a pelear con esos tipos. Esperemos que incluso podría ser un lucha directa. La calificación fue bien y yo no hice una vuelta perfecta. Tal vez con una vuelta perfecta que hubiera sido una o dos posiciones más alto, pero no creo que hubiera sido mucho mejor que eso. "
Es sólo la sexta vez que ha estado en el top ten de este año y Massa su falta de ritmo a una vuelta lo había retenido este año.
"He tenido muchas carreras donde tuve un buen ritmo, pero al comenzar más atrás que tenía más posibilidades de contacto con alguien. Creo que cuando empiezas en una mejor posición que ayuda y espero que ayude para mañana también. Me siento mucho mejor y más seguro con el coche y lo estoy manejando más de forma automática. En la carrera siempre he tenido un buen ritmo y creo que eso es muy positivo. Estoy trabajando duro para mejorar aún más para llegar a la parte delantera. "
Massa está comenzando un puesto por delante de Romain Grosjean, que ha sido objeto de una intensa presión de los medios después de causar otro accidente en la primera vuelta en Japón. Sin embargo, Massa no está preocupado por lo que pueda pasar en la salida.
"Él tiene que preocuparse, no yo", dijo. "Él ha estado en algunos problemas al principio y que ha sufrido ya mucho con eso. Él tiene que tener cuidado y entender cómo hacer las aperturas. Espero que entienda eso y voy a tratar de hacer lo mejor con cualquier conductor que Estoy al lado. Espero que comprendía a todos los problemas, pero él es un hombre inteligente y un buen piloto y que no es una cosa difícil de aprender y entender. "

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Massa focus on next race, puts Lewis incident far away.

Felipe Massa is ready to draw a line in his fight with Lewis Hamilton, but still believes the McLaren driver was fully responsible for their collision in the Singapore Grand Prix.

Hamilton Massa scored right rear tire while trying to catch up on lap 12, making a hole for a Ferrari and the McLaren front wing broken. The accident resulted in both drivers down the order, but Hamilton was able to restore to the fifth, while Massa struggling to ninth.

Massa said Hamilton was trying to speak immediately after the game, but the McLaren driver "walked away without any answer." He confronted Hamilton in the interview on TV and pulled his shoulder, before sarcastically congratulated.

The dispute has attracted extensive media attention Sunday, but Massa said Monday he was ready to leave.

"I am very disappointed pleased with the progress made yesterday: Singapore is definitely not a happy place for me, because something always happens to me here," he told the Ferrari website. "What Hamilton and his behavior both on and off the track, I've said everything I had to say: I have not changed my mind, even a little, since yesterday, but I consider the matter closed.

"It is better for the next race to end this season and hard in a good way to try, as best we can come up with the following to prepare."

Hamilton ruled on the matter and not return to his usual press conference on Sunday.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Korea Sunday quotes: Ferrari

Sunday, October 24th 2010, 12:14 GMT

Fernando Alonso - 1st: "It is a great feeling winning this way, as it was a very difficult victory, given the track conditions. Especially at the start, the situation on track and in terms of visibility was really precarious. That was the most worrying time, because I knew it would be an achievement just to stay on the track. We had never driven here in the wet and so there was no reference point. Webber's retirement slightly changed our approach because, all in all, it would have been sufficient to finish on the podium without taking too many risks. The final stages were particularly difficult because half the track was almost dry and the tyres were getting ruined really quickly. I witnessed both Red Bull problems from very close up: in these situations you try and stay super-concentrated, because you are coming from a high speed corner and there is no time to think. Clearly, this was a great help for our championship chances, but luck proves that Formula 1 is not just about the maths! If you then think about what happened at races such as Valencia and Silverstone, you can really say that what goes around comes around. Now there are still fifty points up for grabs: Red Bull are still favourite, but we will continue to do our utmost and try to always get onto the podium. The car has improved so much in the second half of the year thanks to continuous updates: maybe we have come away with more than we expected, but we know the situation can change from one weekend to the next. All the same, these results are fully deserved by the team and my dream is to see everyone in it happy..."

Felipe Massa - 3rd: "A great result at the end of a very difficult race. I am very pleased, for myself and for the team. Fernando did a great job. After two poor weekends, I am happy to have stepped up onto the podium once again. I also want to thank the race director who did an excellent job of managing the situation, making the right decisions as to when to start the race and when to bring in the Safety Car at the right moment. By the end, it was almost dark and the intermediate tyres were deteriorating, especially the rears: there is a light on the steering wheel which is very bright and in these conditions it was quite distracting. We were a bit lucky, but we also did a good job, proving to be competitive even on this track. How will things go in Interlagos and Abu Dhabi? It's hard to say, as the two tracks are very different one to the other. It will be important to have a car capable of fighting for a podium place and then try not to make any mistakes."

Luca di Montezemolo: "What I am most pleased about is that we have shown that with determination, hard work, level headedness and the will to win, we can get out of the most difficult situations. We are a team that never gives up and we showed that yet again today," said the Ferrari President. "I want to congratulate the entire team, who worked in impeccable fashion, Fernando who was exceptional and Felipe who brought home a very important third place: it was great to see him on the podium with his team-mate and Chris Dyer. "Now however, we must keep our feet on the ground," continued Montezemolo. "The championship is still very open and we know we are up against very strong opponents. We will have to tackle the final two races with even higher levels of concentration, paying attention to every little detail."

Stefano Domenicali: "First of all, let's just keep calm about this! This has been a fantastic day, in which we have turned around the situation in the Drivers' championship and also, albeit partially, put us back in a stronger position in the Constructors' classification. However, we are well aware the hardest part begins now. There are two races to go: we must tackle them with the same ferocious determination which has seen us fight back in a way many thought impossible. I have said it so often in the past, but I want to repeat it even today: what counts the most in this final part of the season is for the team and the drivers to keep a cool head, along with reliability and concentration. This weekend we proved capable of doing that even in very unusual conditions like those we experienced today. We are up against very strong opposition, especially in the shape of a team that has managed to take 14 poles from 17 races: to be in this position with just two races to go is already significant. First of all I want to thank our drivers: they were great, not making the slightest mistake, managing a very stressful race in very difficult conditions. The team worked very well and the little problem at Fernando's pit stop was soon recovered on track. As usual, our thanks extend to our commercial and technical partners, starting with Philip Morris, the Santander Bank and Shell, the latter bringing us a new fuel here which also helped. Finally, I want to say it is an honour for Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro to be the first name to go on the winner's trophy for the Korean Grand Prix, in a country that is expanding rapidly and a market that is also growing in importance in terms of our road cars.

Chris Dyer: "A really fantastic day, which shows how true it is to say that it's not over until it's over! Never give up is something we say all the time and we demonstrated it again here. Our drivers did an exceptional job in extremely difficult conditions, with virtually no grip or visibility in the first part of the race. When the race started, after the Safety Car came in, we began to run at a good pace, but then the race was neutralised again. We were a smidgen unlucky with Fernando, who just as in Valencia was unable to pit right away and had to complete another lap before coming in. At the pit stop, we had a problem with the two wheel nuts, which lost him a place to Hamilton, but then, partly due to the pressure Fernando was putting on him at the restart, we won it back. Everything went smoothly in this part for Felipe, who maintained his position. After that, both drivers managed the tyres in an excellent way, especially the Spaniard who was always capable of putting Vettel under pressure, until he retired. The final stages were very tense, because we did not know if the tyres would go all the way to the end and another stop would have compromised the result. It is hard to realise that after everything that has happened this season, Fernando is now leading the championship! We have two races ahead of us, against very strong opponents, but we have seen how our car has improved race after race. We must continue working in this way!"


Massa happy to have stepped up

Felipe Massa said he was pleased to have helped out his Ferrari team by finishing third in the Korean Grand Prix.

Although not in the title hunt himself, Massa has experienced a barren run of things recently and was happy to once again step onto the podium.

"A great result at the end of a very difficult race," said Massa. "I am very pleased, for myself and for the team. Fernando did a great job. After two poor weekends, I am happy to have stepped up onto the podium once again. I also want to thank the race director who did an excellent job of managing the situation, making the right decisions as to when to start the race and when to bring in the Safety Car at the right moment.

"By the end, it was almost dark and the intermediate tyres were deteriorating, especially the rears: there is a light on the steering wheel which is very bright and in these conditions it was quite distracting."

Although Massa owed much for his podium to the retirements of both Red Bull drivers and Nico Rosberg, he is hopeful of fighting for further podiums in the remaining two races.

"We were a bit lucky, but we also did a good job, proving to be competitive even on this track. How will things go in Interlagos and Abu Dhabi? It's hard to say, as the two tracks are very different one to the other. It will be important to have a car capable of fighting for a podium place and then try not to make any mistakes."

Source: ESPNF1

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Barrichello car debris that crash to Massa helmet.

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Ferrari: Massa remains stable, no further complications
Ferrari: have given an encouraging update on the condition of their driver Felipe Massa, reporting that the Brazilian remains 'stable' as he recovers from his horrible crash in qualifying for the Hungarian GP. In a statement, the team were able to report that Massa had suffered "no further complications" overnight after undergoing emergency surgery on his fractured skull on Saturday night. "After undergoing an operation yesterday afternoon, Felipe Massa's condition remains stable and there were no further complications through the night," said the Ferrari statement. "He will be given another CT scan today, which will provide more precise information."

Massa in 'stable but life-threatening condition'

Felipe Massa has been described as being in a "serious, life-threatening but stable" condition by the doctors who carried out emergency surgery on his fractured skull. Massa underwent surgery on Saturday night after being hurt in a high-speed crash during qualifying for the Hungarian GP. According to the Associated Press, 'Officials at the AEK military hospital said that Massa will be kept sedated on a respirator in an intensive care unit. 'Medical director Peter Bazso said at a news conference that "Massa's condition is serious, life-threatening but stable." 'Bazso and chief surgeon Lajos Zsiros say they expect Massa to be awoken Sunday.' The Brazilian was injured after being hit by a piece of debris that is believed to have fallen off the rear of Rubens Barrichello's Brawn. In a short statement released on Saturday night after Massa underwent surgery, Ferrari announced that the 'Outcome of the procedure was positive' and that their driver would remain in observation in intensive care. The team will release a further update on his condition on Sunday morning.

Massa has 'positive' emergency surgery on skull damage
Felipe Massa has undergone 'positive' emergency surgery after suffering skull damage and concussion in his high-speed accident during qualifying for the Hungarian GP. In a short statement, Ferrari confirmed that the 'Outcome of the procedure was positive' and that Massa would remain in observation in intensive care. Massa was injured after being hit by a piece of debris that is believed to have fallen off the rear of Rubens Barrichello's Brawn. He then, whilst already apparently unconscious in his Ferrari, slammed into a tyre wall. Ferrari will release a further update on his condition on Sunday morning. Immediately after he was air-lifted to hospital in Budapest, Ferrari revealed that their driver "was conscious at the arrival at the hospital and his general conditions remain stable. "Following a complete medical examination it emerged that he had suffered a cut on his forehead, a bone damage of his skull and a brain concussion. These conditions need to be operated on." It's believed that the force of the impact when Massa hit the tyre-wall resulted in a suspension failure that in turn caused the side of his helmet visor to be ripped off. Massa suffered cuts just above his left eye. The eye itself is not thought to have been damaged during the accident.

Massa serious but stable following surgery
Felipe Massa, struck by a component from Rubens Barrichello’s Brawn Mercedes in qualifying for the Hungarian Grand Prix, has undergone surgery this afternoon at the AEK hospital in Budapest. Massa sustained head injuries from the flying debris including facial cuts but more significantly a fractured skull and concussion. He remains in a ‘serious but stable’ condition the hospital has confirmed via the AFP news agency. The outcome of the procedure was 'positive' the Ferrari team has confirmed and the Brazilian is to remain under observation and in intensive care. His on track rivals have all rallied around following his accident. Countryman Barrichello visited the medical centre soon after the incident. “My position today is unimportant,” he said with reference to qualifying. “My thoughts right now are with Felipe and his family who are really close friends of mine and I hope he is going to be okay and will be fit as soon as possible.” Ferrari is expected to make a further medical update late Sunday morning. Earl ALEXANDER © CAPSIS International

Report Source:, Video Source: Astro Star Sports

Monday, October 6, 2008

Mistake in Massa Pit Stop (Singapore F1 2008 GP)

Watch race full video here:

No serious injuries in pitstop blunders

Sep.28 (GMM) Mechanics hurt in two separate pitstop incidents during Sunday's Singapore grand prix have escaped serious injury. The most spectacular incident involved championship contender Felipe Massa, who despite getting a green light from Ferrari's unique 'traffic lights' solution pulled away too early.

The Brazilian yanked the fuel hose from the rig and carried it the entire length of the pitlane, and was penalised for unsafely pulling into the path of Force India's Adrian Sutil.

Another victim of the melee was a Ferrari mechanic, who after being knocked to the ground was taken to the circuit medical centre.

"The most important thing is the guy is okay, he is being brought to the medical centre and will see if he has any injuries or not," team spokesman Luca Colajanni told ITV Sport.

Later in the race, the Red Bull lollipop man wrongly gave David Coulthard the signal to drive away from a pitstop, and a team mechanic was hurt.

"He has damaged his ankle ligaments and burned his thumb, but fortunately other than that he's okay," said team principal Christian Horner.

Ferrari could use lollipop for rest of season

Sep.28 (GMM) Felipe Massa has admitted that abandoning Ferrari's unique 'traffic lights' pitstop solution is an option, following yet another blunder in Singapore on Sunday. The latest mistake could cost the Brazilian the world championship, after he fell 7 points behind McLaren's title leader Lewis Hamilton by failing to score at F1's first night race.

Massa pulled away from a pitstop too early, ripping the refuelling hose from the rig, knocking over a mechanic, and incurring a penalty for driving into the path of another car.

"It was not a technical failure, but a human one, so the same thing can happen with any system," the 27-year-old told reporters when asked if Sunday's incident might finally compel Ferrari to abandon the 'traffic lights' system.

"Of course we could return to using a lollipop, but today's problem was not about this," Massa added, explaining that because a mechanic pressed a button too soon, the green light on the driver gantry simply came on too soon.

"These things happen," he continued. "We are all human and we can all make mistakes."

Team boss Stefano Domenicali confirmed: "It was Felipe himself who went to console the mechanic who made the mistake."

Ferrari - A pointless night

Singapore, 28th September - Felipe Massa thirteenth and Kimi Raikkonen retired, because of an accident. For the first time this season, Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro failed to score a single point in a Grand Prix.

A Safety Car period early on did nothing to help the situation and a mistake at Felipe's pit stop effectively ended any chance he had of a good result having started from pole position. His result was further compromised by a drive through penalty and then a puncture.

The surprise winner was Fernando Alonso in the Renault, with Nico Rosberg taking a second place for Williams and Lewis Hamilton third for McLaren-Mercedes. This results makes the championship situation much tougher with just three races remaining as McLaren-Mercedes moves ahead of the Scuderia to lead the Constructors' by a single point, while Hamilton's lead over Felipe in the Drivers' classification goes from one point to seven.

When the lights went out the front of the grid maintained position, with Felipe leading Hamilton and Kimi, followed by Kubica, Vettel and Glock these last two moving up a place at the expense of Kovalainen who had banged wheels with Kubica. Felipe and Hamilton were separated by just over a second, while Kimi was trailing by a further 4.4 on lap 3. In the early stages the best battle was for ninth place as Rosberg was desperately trying to pass Trulli, the Finn finally getting the Italian on lap 6. On lap 7 the cameras showed Felipe running over a piece of debris but it did not seem to have any effect.

On lap 10 of 61, the order was Massa, Hamilton, Raikkonen, now upping his pace and closing on second place, Kubica, Vettel, Glock, Kovalainen, Heidfeld, Rosberg, Nakajima completing the top ten, followed by Alonso, up from fifteenth, Trulli, Webber, Button, Coulthard, Bourdais, Barrichello, Piquet, Sutil and Fisichella last. Kimi had picked up the pace and was now 3.2 behind Hamilton, while Felipe's lead over the McLaren man was 3.4 seconds.

Lap 12 saw Alonso the first man to pit, which would be a key to the final outcome and then on lap 15, Piquet crashed his Renault heavily into the wall bringing out the Safety Car. Barrichello had pitted along with Rosberg at this time but the Honda driver then stopped for no apparent reason out on track. Kubica, Webber and Coulthard also stopped, all before the pit lane was officially open. When the pit lane opened Massa and Raikkonen came in together for a double stop, but it went wrong as the Brazilian was released by the team while the fuel line was still attached to his car and he had to stop at the end of pit lane. Raikkonen came in right behind him and had a normal stop, but obviously lost time having to wait his turn. After what seemed like an eternity, the mechanics finally managed to remove the fuel line from Felipe's car and he continued out on track, not losing a lap but running at the back.

The order on lap 18, still behind the SC was now Rosberg, Trulli, Fisichella, Kubica, Alonso, Webber, Bourdais, Coulthard, Hamilton and Vettel completing the top ten. Kimi and Felipe were 17th and 18th. On lap 19, the SC came in and the race was on again. However, there was much confusion as Race Control was expected to impose penalties on those drivers who stopped before the pit lane had been officially opened. Massa would also be penalised with a drive-through for "dangerous release from pit lane."

On lap 27, Kubica came in for a 10 second stop go penalty. One lap later it was Rosberg's turn to do the same thing, dropping him from the lead to fourth, promoting Trulli to leader ahead of Fisichella, followed by Alonso, Coulthard and Hamilton. Fisichella finally refuelled on lap 29. Mark Webber retired in the garage on this lap. Kimi and Felipe were twelfth and fifteenth at this point.

So at the halfway point in this extraordinary race, the order was Trulli, Alonso, Rosberg, Coulthard, Hamilton, Glock, Vettel, Heidfeld, Nakajima, Button, Kovalainen, Raikkonen, Sutil, Bourdais, Kubica, Fisichella and Massa seventeenth and last. Alonso then moved into the lead as Trulli pitted and Kimi was up to tenth. An exciting battle was brewing in the fight for third place, as Coulthard was being closed down by Hamilton.

Rosberg came in from second for his final stop on lap 40, dropping to seventh, and one lap later, race leader Alonso made his final refuelling, coming out just ahead of the battle between Coulthard and Hamilton. The slight loss of momentum allowed the McLaren driver to get ahead of the Red Bull. These two men then came down pit lane together on lap 42, with the McLaren staying out ahead, as the Scotsman tried to leave his pit before the refuelling line had been removed. Kimi was now up to eighth and fourth a lap later, but the Finn had yet to make a final pit stop.

A second safety car period was prompted by Sutil hitting the wall and when it was over, for the final sprint to the flag, Kimi had got himself up to fifth place, while out in front, Alonso had a healthy lead over Rosberg who was being chased down by third placed Hamilton. Felipe was fourteenth. Then with just three laps remaining, further bad news as Kimi clipped the wall, damaging the right front corner of the car to retire.

A black day, there's little else to say - Ferrari Boss

Monday, 29 September 2008
Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro leaves Singapore empty handed. After the early part of the race when Felipe Massa maintained his pole position set yesterday and Kimi Raikkonen was closing on the driver ahead of him in the fight for second place, the arrival of the Safety Car on lap 15 called for a double pit stop for both Ferrari men on lap 17.

F. Massa: 13th 1:57.51.474 + 36.170 61 laps chassis 269
K. Raikkonen: 15th 1:50.11.975 DNF 57 laps chassis 271
Weather: air temperature 29/32 °C, track temperature 29/31° C, overcast.

As Felipe was being refueled, the green light came on before refueling had been completed. The driver drove off dragging the fuel line behind him and had to stop at the end of pit lane, thus dropping to the back of the pack. His race was further compromised by a penalty linked to this incident and a puncture that saw him make his second stop ahead of schedule. He crossed the finish line thirteenth. Kimi, obviously penalized by the double stop, rejoined in around fifteenth place and began a climb up the order that should have resulted in fifth place. On lap 58 however, the Finn lost control of the car at the chicane and ended up in the barriers. After this poor showing, Felipe is now seven points down on the leader of the Drivers' championship and the team drops to second place one point behind the leader of the Constructors' classification.

Stefano Domenicali: "A black day, there's little else to say. We had the potential to finish first and second but we didn't even pick up a point. We are very disappointed but that doesn't mean we are downtrodden. We have always shown our ability to react, especially at the most difficult times and we will do it again this time. The situation in the two championships has become more complicated but there are still three races to go and a lot of points up for grabs. We know what we have to do to reach our objectives. The first part of the race showed that today our car was the quickest on track. The Safety Car came out at the worst possible moment, but we are not looking for excuses because this uncertain factor must always be taken into account. Then the team made a mistake at the pit stop during the Safety Car period, which cost Massa the race. I am very sorry for Felipe because he was driving a very strong race following on from a great pole yesterday. I want to point out that it was Felipe himself who went to console the mechanic who made the mistake, which shows the team spirit that we have between us: we win together and we lose together. Kimi managed to get into the points but then he ended up in the barriers at one of the many tricky points around this track. A shame, as it would have meant precious points for the Constructors' classification. We must look ahead and prepare ourselves as well as possible for the remaining three races."

Felipe Massa: "It's hard to deal with losing in this fashion a race that was within our grasp, with a car that was just the way I wanted it. We had a good strategy and all the signs were there that we could get a one-two finish. But things can change in a moment and that's what happened today. At the pit stop, one of the guys made a mistake. But we are only human. Each one of us always tries to do our best and these things can happen. With the Safety Car still on track, I didn't lose a lap, but then I got a drive-through and later I also picked up a puncture in the left rear. On this track it is almost impossible to overtake and ending up at the back meant I had not chance of getting into the points. Seven points to make up in three races? That can be a lot or it can be a little. We have the potential to do well, as we saw today and we will give it our best shot. We mustn't give up and I'm sure we won't."

Kimi Raikkonen: "I was trying to attack Glock in case he might make a mistake, but I went slightly wide at the chicane, jumping over the kerb and when the car landed, I lost control and ended up in the barriers. My situation in the championship was already rather compromised, so this doesn't really make that much difference but I am unhappy because the team has lost precious points in the Constructors' classification. In the opening laps, the car was a bit difficult but then it improved a lot, to such an extent that I was able to close right up to Hamilton. When the Safety Car came out, I know my race was compromised given that I had to pit behind Felipe. I was able to get back up to fifth but then the incident I described earlier happened. Clearly, morale is not high today. But I am not used to giving up and will do my very best to try and help the team reach its targets."

Luca Baldisserri: "It's hard to put into words today's disappointment. We had everything in place to get the best possible result and unfortunately we ended up with nothing. Felipe was controlling the early stages of the race, while Kimi, after a few difficulties at the beginning, was running at a great pace. The Safety Car threw our plans into the air. First and foremost, we had to go for a double pit stop - the best choice in this situation - but it penalized Kimi. Then we made a mistake in letting Felipe go and that ruined his race. We could have made a significant step forward in both championships but we ended up going backwards. Now we must roll up our sleeves and prepare as well as possible for the coming races. There is still plenty of time to recover but there is no more room for error."


An unmitigated disaster for Ferrari, especially Massa's title challenge, whose 1 point deficit to Hamilton increased to 7 points with a key team mistake that left him 13th at the flag. The floored mechanic was lucky to escape serious injury when Massa, wrongly shown a green light on Ferrari's unique 'traffic lights' pitstop gantry, ripped the fuel hose from the rig, then incurring a drive-through penalty for steering into the path of Adrian Sutil. "It's hard to deal with losing in this fashion a race that was within our grasp," said the pole sitter, who easily held off Hamilton in the early stages. With only a few laps to go, Kimi Raikkonen crashed out of fifth place at the now notorious turn 10 chicane.