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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Massa focus on next race, puts Lewis incident far away.

Felipe Massa is ready to draw a line in his fight with Lewis Hamilton, but still believes the McLaren driver was fully responsible for their collision in the Singapore Grand Prix.

Hamilton Massa scored right rear tire while trying to catch up on lap 12, making a hole for a Ferrari and the McLaren front wing broken. The accident resulted in both drivers down the order, but Hamilton was able to restore to the fifth, while Massa struggling to ninth.

Massa said Hamilton was trying to speak immediately after the game, but the McLaren driver "walked away without any answer." He confronted Hamilton in the interview on TV and pulled his shoulder, before sarcastically congratulated.

The dispute has attracted extensive media attention Sunday, but Massa said Monday he was ready to leave.

"I am very disappointed pleased with the progress made yesterday: Singapore is definitely not a happy place for me, because something always happens to me here," he told the Ferrari website. "What Hamilton and his behavior both on and off the track, I've said everything I had to say: I have not changed my mind, even a little, since yesterday, but I consider the matter closed.

"It is better for the next race to end this season and hard in a good way to try, as best we can come up with the following to prepare."

Hamilton ruled on the matter and not return to his usual press conference on Sunday.